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Published Date: February 12, 2015

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The Breadwinner Trilogy Book 2 of 3: April 2015

The end of the world still isn’t glamorous.


The survivors of The Breadwinner have barely escaped the clutches of the undead and are headed into the unknown, continuing their never ending search for solace in the post-apocalyptic landscape they were suddenly thrust into. The city of Haven, once a paradise for the living, but now crawling with the flesh hungry creatures they try so hard to elude, could be their only chance.


Resume your post-apocalyptic survival adventure with Veronica, Samson, and the others as they take a chance on the promises of a lone survivor.  Is the light-hearted newcomer, Gary, all that he seems or are there sinister motives hidden behind his hospitality?


Go back to the start of the outbreak with Michelle and Lulu, two ordinary women faced with extraordinary horrors and obstacles.  Can they make it to safety or will they just become another undead face in the hordes roaming the streets of Haven?


Worlds collide when tragedy strikes and our survivors must band together against their common enemy.  But remember, who you were does not determine what you will become in the face of catastrophe… the dead may no longer be their greatest threat.


Haven continues the story of The Breadwinner with the addition of new territory, new characters, and new dangers around every corner. The second book in The Breadwinner Trilogy will leave you stunned and bloodthirsty for the conclusion of the series.


Welcome home, Haven is hell.


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