Introducing “At Hell’s Gates” a new horror anthology!

Great news everyone!

The upcoming anthology, featuring yours truly, is available for preorder now!  The official release date of “At Hell’s Gates, Volume 1” is September 21st!  That’s only a few days away, so make sure you head to Amazon and pre order your copy today!


You can head to the link here.

The Official At Hell’s Hates website can be found here and you should also head over to the official Facebook page and become a fan!

The awesome horror anthology includes stories from each author’s own twisted minds and worlds that they have already created such as Moira from my first book, The Breadwinner, and Ollie from Shana Festa’s Time of Death.

My short story, Nefarious, gives fans of The Breadwinner a deeper look into the madness that is Moira’s mind and tells the haunting tale behind the fateful night that she truly lost everything.

The author line up is as follows:

Devan Sagliani, Stephen Kozeniewski, Sharon Stevenson, Paul Mannering, Lesa Anders, Shana Festa, Stevie Kopas, Rachel Aukes, Tim Marquitz, Frank Tayell, J.M. Martin, J. Rudolph, Matthew Kinney, Jacqueline Druga, James Crawford, Sean T. Smith, and S.G. Lee.

This is going to be a great quarterly anthology and ALL proceeds go to an amazing cause:  The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  You can find out more about the charity by clicking the link!

I’m excited and proud to be a part of it, so make sure you check everything out, support the cause, and pick up copies of the books!  Spread the word!