Official Cover Art for All Good Things, book 3 in The Breadwinner Trilogy

All Good Things

Published Date: February 12, 2015

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The Breadwinner Trilogy Book 3 of 3: May 2015

Locked up safely behind the walls of their glamorous beach resort, our survivors of Haven have grown comfortable, almost forgetting that the undead are still on the prowl in the streets below.   But when the unthinkable happens and the group loses one of their own under mysterious circumstances, they begin to question whether or not staying at the resort is their best option.


Friends turn on one another and once again, the group finds themselves back on the apocalyptic streets of Haven, battling the dead.


The biggest threat yet emerges, and a traitor is revealed, proving once and for all that the flesh hungry creatures infesting the city are not the group’s greatest foe.


Will our survivors be able to make it out alive one last time?


The final book in The Breadwinner Trilogy is a non-stop, post-apocalyptic race to the finish line.  Murder, lies, captivity, and a seemingly never ending onslaught of the dead are just some of the challenges our group will face.


Fates hang in the balance but one thing is certain:  the end of the world is not glamorous, and All Good Things must come to an end.


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